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ILRI40 AT AACAA communications Strategy Objectives: The communications strategy for the ILRI@40 session at the AACAA conference has the following objectives:,

  1. To showcase ILRI’s (and its predecessors) 40 years of existence as the centre for excellence in livestock research, that delivers better lives through livestock
  2. To raise awareness to policy makers at different levels the important roles that livestock play in sustainable development in Africa and globally
  3. To map livestock challenges likely to mark the landscape in livestock research in the next 40 years

Communications activities: i. Coordination - Jane Gitau ii. Note taking & Tweeting Tezira; iii. Tweeting @ilri account iv. Note taking & Blogging – Angela, v. Documentation on slideshare, flickr Angela vi. Photography - Paul Karaimu vii. Individuals please tweet from your individual accounts

Hash Tags #ilri40 #aacaa Revised Communications Plan; 24/10/2014 Please Note: Activity Notes will include: a) taking notes for later translation into blogs, twitter b) Getting the presentation in soft copy for input into slideshare and mahider


Day /time Room Activity Session Person responsible
Monday 8.30 Amphitheatre notes Opening session Jane Gitau
Monday 11.15 Shimba Hills notes (ILRI staff) Homecoming of brachiaria – Ghimire S.R’ Ethel
Mon 11.15 Impala Notes/ (ILRI staff ) Polly, Pastoral Systems Dorine
Mon 11.15 Turkana Notes Market Access No ILRI staff
Mon 11.15 Amphitheatre Notes Human capacity challenge
ILRI interest/Nkrumah of BMG chairing
Ask for paper
Mon 11.15 Taifa Notes Youth: ILRI staff Kihara A, has paper Kihara to send paper to Jane
Mon 2.05 Amphitheatre Notes Human capacity challenge- ILRI staff- J. Ojango presenting Ethel
Mon 2.05 Turkana Notes Market access (ILRI staff Jo Cadilhon has paper Nekesa:
Mon 2.05 Shimba Hills Notes/tweets (ILRI Staff) Okeyo, Tadelle , genetic diversity in goats Jane Gitau
Mon 2.05 Impala Notes (ILRI staff ) Lance, Pastoral Systems Dorine
Mon 3.50 Amphitheatre Notes/ Hard talk - human capacity challenge for animal agriculture
Tuesday 8.30 am Amphitheatre notes/tweets ILRI Official opening Susan
Tue 11.15 Shimba Hills Notes Small holder productions – ILRI staff – Tadelle Paul
Tues 11.15 Turkana Notes Market Access – ILRI staff Nekesa- Epi
Tue 11.15 Amphitheatre Notes Human capacity challenge – Iddo/Beca and many ILRI staff Ethel
Tuesday 2.30 pm notes/tweets ILRI@40 Susan/Paul
Hard Talk Susan
Wed 10.00 ILRI tour Photos Muthoni
Thur 11.15 Shimba hills Notes Small holder systems- ILRI staff Mrode Ethel
Thu 11.15 Impala Notes Pastoral systems No ilri staff
Thur 2.pm Amphitheatre Notes Hard talk – small holders Jane Gitau

Photography Tuesday- Muthoni Wednesday – Muthoni

27TH OCTOBER, 2014 VENUE: Kenyatta International Congress Centre a) Amphitheatre 8:30 Official opening to lunch (requested by Ed). One blog post by Jane

28TH OCTOBER, 2014 VENUE: Kenyatta International Congress Centre b) Amphitheatre i. 8:30 am; Keynote by Jimmy: by Susan ii. 11:15 Market and IBLI sessions by Dorine and Tezira (they will be in different rooms) iii. 2.30 pm; opening session: One blog to cover the entire opening session – by Susan and Paul iv. 4.15 pm; Panel discussion: one blog to cover the discussion – by Susan and Paul

29TH OCTOBER, 2014 VENUE: INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ILRI) Lab tour – Coordinator - Jackie Mayira Photographs - Paul Karaimu