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Livestock-based options for sustainable food and nutritional security, economic well-being and healthy lives

6–7 November 2014

Day 1 (Sheraton Hotel)

0830 Registration
0900 Welcome and process
MC of the morning/day
Facilitation: ? TBC. ?BBC linked person in Addis.
0915 Welcome remarks
Lindiwe Majele Sibanda
Jimmy Smith
0930 Inaugural speeches
Prime minister, Ethiopia
Minister of agriculture, Ethiopia
Put Kanayo here with PM then minister after coffee break with other keynotes
How to make these speeches flow – raise livestock profile and Cg and ILrI. Context setting – JWS or LMS should do this eg LMS welcome – what the event is, who we invited, recognise key people….staff/previous of ILRI to stand etc. JWS – something on context the CGIAR, its role, family of centres – ILRI…..mandate and the government of Ethiopia gave a home….then introduce PM. But also the CGIAR has an agenda on poverty, food security etc. that is still the mission…then Kanayo…. PM to speak first probably (check protocol) ESSENTIAL THEY POSE SOME CHALLENGES.

Prepare for security…they take over! Tell people to arrive early….
1030 Break
1100 Keynote presentations
Livestock: economic well-being
Kanayo Nwanze, president, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Livestock: sustainable food and nutritional security
David Nabarro - special representative of the UN Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition for the United Nations
Livestock: sustainable environment
Achim Steiner - executive director, United Nations Environment Programme and under-Secretary General of the United Nations
Livestock: healthy lives
(tbc) - WHO/FAO or OIE?
More subject matter so Min agric to lead off.

Then back to livestock in a global context in these domains – work for the moderator….

Awaiting confirmation from Achim Steiner.
For the healthy lives, Jimmy is calling WHO. Otherwise we may consider FAO (?who) Ren Wang and Berhe Tekola are on our list of invitees and we should give FAO a role here or on a panel…
Presenters have 15 minutes
Interventions should consider the critical issues and opportunities with regard to the livestock sector and each of the topics, and highlight new investment opportunities in this regard. They may also wish to consider reasons for lack of investment to date. PRESENT A CHALLENGE FOR 2054.
1230 Break
1400 Roundtable I: Livestock - sustainable food and nutritional security
Chair: Margaret Gill – chair, Independent Science & Partnership Council of the CGIAR
Fahim Khan – Head of Food security, CARE International

Nick Austin – chief executive officer, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Unesu Ushewokunze-Obatolu – principal director, Department of Livestock & Veterinary Services,Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development, Zimbabwe

Jiaqi Wang – DDG, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
For each panel, the chair will open with a number of key statements about livestock and (topic) and ask the panel ‘so why not invest?’
Panel members should be asked to prepare by considering the issue under discussion from their particular perspective, but they will not make structured interventions one by one. If possible, we should have the ‘round tables’ in the middle of the auditorium and the chair, with help from the facilitator should encourage discussion. NB is it possible to give some of the panel members a different slant on the topic so the come prepared to present contrasting views?
The aim at the end of each discussion should be to articulate key issues with regard to (topic) that must be addressed for the opportunities for the livestock sector to contribute to materialise.
The chair of each roundtable is tasked to pull these point together to prepare a proposition on ‘It is the year 2054, planet earth has 10 billion citizens XXXX….’ (this could be fun, imaginative, and should be challenging) – these short ‘visions’ will form plenary interventions at the beginning of day 2. EACH NEEDS TO RESULT IN SOME 2054 CHALLENGES
1445 Roundtable II: Livestock – economic well-being
Christopher Delgado, World Resources Institute Or Simeon Ehui, World Bank
Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, commissioner, Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission

Souleymane Pinde, Directeur Général des Productions Animales (DGPA), Ministère des Ressources Animales et Halieutiques, Burkina Faso

Tom Derksen - Managing Director for Agriculture, SNV

Alan Tollervey, head of agriculture research, UK Department for International Development
1530 Break
1600 Roundtable III: Livestock – healthy lives
John McDermott, IFPRI
Bernard Vallat, director general, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Jean Lebel, president, International Development Research Center, Canada

Le Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam

Subanna Ayyappan, director general, Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Private sector? OR Somebody from environment?
1645 Mini-break
1700 Investing in livestock - Where’s the beef?
Facilitator: ????
Eddie Brannigan, deputy director, Hunger Unit, Irish Aid
Pamela Anderson, director of Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Minister from somewhere
Frank Rijsberman, chief executive officer, CGIAR OR Peter Gardiner, executive director, Independent Science & Partnership Council of the CGIAR
Challenge the panellists about the lack of investment in the livestock sector compared to the role in agricultural GDP…..
1745 Summary/reflections and day 2 plans
Jimmy Smith
MC of the day
1800 Close