Nairobi family day meeting 20140619

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Nairobi family day meeting #4

Date: 19 June 2014 Venue: Directorate Board Room Time: 1500-1600 hours

Present: Shirley Tarawali, Romano Kiome (invited), Nadine Sanginga (via Skype), Henry Kiara, Muthoni Njiru, Robert Oisebe, Anthony Warui, Joyce Maru, Tezira Lore Apologies: Catherine Mutuku, Patrick Mbithi, Loyce Mbwaya, Jo Cadilhon, Rose Mute


  • Update members on new developments since last meeting
  • Firm up on date/s

What actions then? Dr. Kiome

  • Outline and assign tasks
  • Agree on list of invitees
  • AOB

Summary of discussions Update on new developments since the last meeting

  • New date: The Nairobi event will now take place on Wednesday 01 October 2014, and not on 15 October. Both Jimmy and Shirley have confirmed their availability on 01 October.
  • It will be a half-day, high-profile event featuring key note addresses followed by roundtable discussions in the morning session, followed by an 'open day' for guided campus tours and lab visits to allow for showcasing of our research.

Proposed program

  • Event will be centred around the theme of livestock's contribution to food and nutrition security, economic well-being and healthy lives
  • High-profile keynote address by an internationally renowned speaker
  • Roundtable discussions featuring important dignitaries around the question "What is my unanswered question in livestock research for development?"
  • Audience: ILRI staff and alumni; national, regional and international partners; sister CGIAR centres [targeted number of attendees: 100]

Input from Romano Kiome

  • Need to be clear on the objective(s) of the speaker and what is expected to be covered in the address
  • Target an international high-profile speaker to give the keynote address
  • Target Permanent Secretaries from relevant ministries (science & technology, environment, livestock, health) as well as the CEO of the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation for the roundtable discussions.
  • Nairobi-based representatives of ILRI's founding agencies (Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Kenya, Ethiopia, UNEP) could provide short remarks
  • Farmer groups to invite: could include 2-3 of the livestock sub-sectors (e.g. dairy farmers, pastoralists) and corresponding private-sector representatives
  • Involve the local media and use this event as a first step towards strengthening ILRI's media relations with the local and regional media.

Action points

  • Nadine to post the theme text, one-pager of Addis event, template for invitation letters and latest list of invitees to the wiki; we can adapt as needed for the Nairobi event
  • Muthoni to compile list of invitees (shared spreadsheet in Google Drive, to be collaboratively revised and edited as we proceed)
  • All to brainstorm on possible keynote speakers and facilitators
  • Joyce to compile a summary of the input needed from scientists and submit to Shirley by 25 June. Shirley will then contact Suzanne and Iain to help mobilize and coordinate input from scientists
  • Follow up with Jo on the ideas he had discussed with Nadine for guided campus/lab tours
  • Jo and Henry to discuss plans for the technical part of the program

Next meeting: Friday 27 June 2014