Nairobi family day meeting 20140710

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ILRI@40 Nairobi Event: Meeting #7 Date: 10 July 2014 Venue: InfoCentre Time: 1000-1200 hours

Present: Nadine, Ethel, Muthoni, Joyce, Kate, Tezira, Jo Apologies: Rose, Robert, Henry

Agenda Updates from previous meeting

Summary of discussions

  • Task list: Joyce created the task list and shared the link via cgxchange. All to review and take note of action points
  • Facilitator: Ed Rege is available and has blocked the date. He has some ideas that he would like to share with the team – a meeting to be organized soon for this. Muthoni and the other members of the Engagement and Collaboration team will take the lead in organizing internal facilitation.
  • Rapporteurs: Need to identify more people to join Tezira. Angie and Muthoni were suggested (Muthoni to follow up with Angie).
  • Program: Needs to be finalised with details of the featured speakers. The general flow of events is now final. Cabinet Secretary may attend; Dr Khadijah Kassachoon (Principal Secretary) will let us know by end of this week if he will be available and the timings.
  • Keynote speaker

Jo has been following up with suggested keynote speaker from West Africa. Romano had suggested some additional keynote speakers to follow up Need to continue brainstorming key high-level people who are based in Nairobi and have not been targeted for the Addis event and approach those we know informally to find out if they are available [by Monday next week]. * Oxfam - Irungu Houghton [Kate to follow up] * CAADP [Kate to get contact details from Joseph Karugia] * FAO [Kate to follow up] * GFAR: Mark Holderness [?] * ASARECA - Fina Opiio [Ethel to follow up] * Rwanda Minister of Agriculture [Nadine to follow up]

  • Panelists: Jo has been in touch with two NGO partners who have expressed willingness to participate in the panel discussions: Dr Kipkirui arap Lang’at, chairman of the East and Southern African Dairy Association and Kenya Dairy Processors’ Association, and Mr Joseph Langat Kipkoech, senior advisor, vocational skills development, SNV.
  • List of invitees: We will build on the spreadsheet developed by Tezira (Tezira to share the link with team – login via cgxchange)
  • Informing Nairobi staff: An email will be sent to Nairobi staff, followed by an announcement at Friday Morning Coffee. Muthoni to develop a promotional plan to create awareness about ILRI@40 among Nairobi staff.
  • Invitation letters and event registration: Nadine to work on the invitation letters. Joyce to follow up with Tsehay to set up the Eventbrite for registration.
  • Budget: Kate and Patrick to develop a preliminary budget allocation of what is needed and get back to Nadine (per activity/line item)

Key action points All to review the task list and take note of respective action points for follow up

Next meeting: Thursday 17 July 2014