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ILRI@40 Events

Official ILRI@40 events

1 Oct: ILRI@40 Nairobi

6-7 Nov: ILRI@40 event (Addis Ababa)

8 Nov: Family Day (Addis)

Official ILRI@40 side events

17-19 Sept: Tropentag (Prague)

15 Oct: World Food Day (Des Moines)

Global World Food Day (regional offices

27-30 Oct: AACAA (Nairobi)

Other events with ILRI@40 participation

ESAP Addis Ababa (August 2014) - contact: Fanos Mekonnen

Ecohealth Montreal (August 2014) - contact: Delia Grace

African Dairy Value Chain Seminar Nairobi (September 2014) - contact: Jo Cadilhon

AAAP Yogyakarta (November 2014) - contact: Steve Staal