Meeting with Conveners for Day 2 R4D sessions

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Date: 01 August 2014

Anticipated participants: Lannerstad, Mats ; Kemp, Steve; Thorne, Peter; Ojango, Julie; Baltenweck, Isabelle; Cadilhon, Jo; Grace, Delia; Fevre, Eric; Werrhe-Abira, Teresa; MacMillan, Susan; LeBorgne, Ewen; Bertrand, Suzanne; Wright, Iain; Szonyi, Barbara; Tarawali, Shirley; Okike, Iheanacho

Subject: Notes from the discussion on R4D sessions ILRI@40 in Addis and Nairobi


• Livestock and the environment - Mats Lannerstad (tbc)/Steve Kemp

• Sustainable food and nutritional security - Peter Thorne/Julie Ojango

• Economic well-being - Isabelle Baltenweck/Acho Okike

• Healthy lives - Delia Grace/Eric Fevre/Barbara Szonyi

Key messages

  • Role of Conveners:

Conveners needed for Day 2 of ILRI@40 Addis conference Key role is to mobilize others to contribute to the session Will have control over format/style of their session Organise preparation of materials to ‘support’ the session – flyers, brochures, reports, books, virtual things etc. Consider using past Livestock Exchange material where relevant and update.

  • Sessions:

Sessions will be engaging and interactive, will focus on the overall livestock agenda and will be split along thematic areas as per the ILRI@40 theme – Livestock-based options for sustainable food and nutritional security, economic well-being and healthy lives Decision needs to be made on whether combine economic well-being with food and nutritional security and have a separate session on livelihoods. Conveners of these two sessions (those who are not on leave) to please confirm by 6 August Parallel sessions will identify areas where investment is needed to deliver on the futuristic vision outlined in plenary session (note: since the ‘vision’ will not be available, the session should plan to address solutions, lessons, forward looking, challenges etc etc… and in planning the session structure leave some time for reflection – perhaps along the lines of considering the extent to which these really will deliver on the visions…) Sessions should identify lessons, outline examples and propose solutions keeping in mind what has been achieved and how this positions us to deliver on this vision. There must be some outcomes from the discussion that can be shared (and challenged!) in plenary – along the lines of ‘solutions as to how the livestock sector will deliver on XXX (topic)’ Incorporate wild cards (positive and negative). Participants: * Group must devise a strategy to ensure balanced participation across all thematic areas * Conveners to influence guest lists by identifying key participants (internal and external to ILRI). Will liaise with regional representatives to source regional guests. * Moving forward thematic leads to liaise with Peter Ballantyne and Ewen LeBorgne who will be providing guidance on process issues.

Conveners, please share your outline of process and participants asap (circulate drafts, come with ideas etc etc) and not later than 18 August. We plan to meet to review these during week of 25 August (Nadine please set calendar)